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Windows 8.1 looking like 7 :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 3 1 Jedi Flammie :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 11 9 Christie Flammie :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 11 5 Iconofan2 :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 6 12 Littlefoot treestar :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 123 17 Dragon Europe Map :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 4 44
Secrets of Atlantia Part4
Secrets of Atlantia Part4
Morning came quickly as we heard some laughing as I got up and looked out of the tent that Firetail and I were in and saw the kids and hatchlings playing with some toy trains that they didn't have as I also saw Sorien sitting by the fireplace smiling. It seemed that he had brought a stash of toy train sets with him and had let the kids get into them to play with. I looked at Sorien as I asked "so where did the trains come from?"
"Oh I brought those along when I came here" he answered and I nodded as I suggested that we go get some breakfast. Articus said sure as the other nodded while I got up and left the old library. The others followed me as I headed to the dining hall and then I went in and sat down after I had picked out some food. While I ate, Sorien asked me about the ruins again and I said that I would take him there after we got done eating. I looked at Articus but before I could ask if he would come along also, he told us that he would be heading to
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 10 16
Secrets of Atlantia Part3
Secrets of Atlantia Part 3
It had been about two hours since we had unpacked from our vacation and now that I had rested, I wanted to go talk with Fernarn and that one green and white dragon that was with him. So I went back out to the courtyards as I looked for Fernarn and I found him in the courtyard that had fruit trees in it as the green and white dragon was still with him and I asked "Fernarn, what brings you here right now I would have figured that you would be working on the ruins right now?"
"Well I was on Earth bit to see if there were anymore dragons who wanted to come here and among the ones I found was this one, thing is rather than going with the others once I brought them here he followed the train tracks to the castle" Fernarn answered as he chuckled some and I laughed a bit as I looked ad the dragon and asked "well who are you anyway, and why did you follow the tracks?"
"I was looking for a boxcar to live in. I always wanted to be a train track hobo dragon," he replied
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 10 26
Secrets of Atlantia Part2
Secrets of Atlantia Part 2
A few hours had passed since Drake and Aria had gotten here and I had shown them around the castle. They were pretty impressed by what they saw and by how big the castle was, especially the library. When the tour had ended, I told them that dinner would be ready in about an hour as that gave them time to go back to their room and unpack their bags. It also gave me enough time to go get Skyder, Ealdeth, and Scaleless as the three of them were probably still busy with whatever they were doing at the time. I figured that Skyder would still be in the library as I headed back to it and then started searching it for him. I finally found him sleeping in his preferred work spot in the library as I walked over and said "wake up sleepy head or you are going to miss dinner."
"That's my sammwich" he mumbled as he was still asleep and I grinned as I gave him a mild shock and he jumped out of the chair onto a bookcase, while he growled at me as he said "what was that for?"
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 9 23
Secrets of Atlantia part1
Secrets of Atlantia part1
It had been about a week since Flamera and Ealdeth had gotten back from their honeymoon as we were still busy working on the ruins. The progress with them was coming along very well and quickly as all of the outer walls were already fixed up, especially around the court yard. What we also found was a hidden field in the one valley that has a stream flowing from waterfall as it was neat part of the mountain range. It seemed like a good spot to build a couple of cabins for us but right now my concern was a bit focused on Skyder. I was getting a bit worried about Skyder as he was still on fours even though he should have been fully healed a few days ago. I figured I needed talk to him about it but it would have to wait for a bit since he was probably sleeping still. I decided to head down to the workshop to see how Scaleless was doing with mapping out the caverns that we found under the ruins. Laughing started to fill the hallway as the kids ran past me while Lav
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 16 18
The Ruins of Atlantia part2
The Ruins of Atlantia part2
It had been a few hours since we got back from the ruins as Articus's kids were excited about seeing their uncle again as his hatchlings were acting shy at first but then started to come around to spending some time with Lavia's brother. Aragorn had also got the kids some stuffed animal from Kaldikva, that were made form the same soft fabric that we had imported from there for use in the throne room of the ruins. I smiled as the kids loved the new stuffed animals and they hugged Aragorn before playing with them. They were all cute to watch as the two hatchlings had their heads buried in Articus's chest. It was a cute sight to see as they had never seen their Uncle Aragorn before now as they were both acting shy. Aragorn smiled as he took out two smaller stuffed animals and walked over to Articus. They both slowly looked at Aragorn and instantly locked onto the two stuffed animals. They started to squeak and reach for them as Aragorn handed the two stuffed an
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 9 27
The Ruins of Atlantia Part1
The Ruins of Atlantia Part1
It had been about a week since Ealdeth and Flamera had their wedding and gone on their honeymoon as Articus and I have been busy. We've been drawing up plans on rebuilding the old castle ruins that we found a while back and it was coming along nicely since we found the old building plans for it in the castle library we're in now. It would have been going even better but I was getting worried about Ealdeth since he seemed to be a quadruped more often, which was a problem for Flamera as she doesn't have a quad form. That and the royal duties were starting to get to me, since now I had less free time. Skyder was helping out as well with the plans as he was good at drawing up some likenesses of what the castle ruins used to look like. It helped out a lot as the castle ruins were on flat land since it was next to the lake that our one aquatic friend was living in. One nice thing was that BlackIce still seemed quiet, so that gave us time to start working out how t
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 16 37
Watch Gears Frozen in Time :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 6 17 4 Blade E.U.S. Ceiling Fan Brown and Brass render :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 4 5 Variable Speed Spinner :iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 4 12
A Dragon's Tale Part17
A Dragon's Tale Part 17
The morning of the day after we met Flamera's parents started off well enough and breakfast mostly uneventful except for Skyder coming in and yawning while we were still eating. Ealdeth looked at Flamera, then Skyder and then the rest of us and asked "How come Skyder gets to sleep in?"
"He keeps the kids out of trouble and they had probably woke him up already" I answered and then I went back to eating as Articus nodded. We got done eating a little while later as I asked what plans we had for today since it was the weekend and Articus reminded me that we were going to go fishing. I smiled and told Skyder that he was going to be coming as well but he shook his head and tried to hide as I asked "what's wrong with fishing?"
"Hehe, I think he's afraid of getting slapped by a fish" Articus answered and I chuckled as I replied "well we are not going to fish slap him."
"Nope, fry and eat the fish yes" Ealdeth added as Articus grabbed Skyder by the tail and dragged him
:iconthunderclawshocktrix:ThunderClawShocktrix 12 16


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Are you into Dinosaurs (please comment) if so visit -->… 

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I have 2 good friends who themselves are close friends :icondracowolf102: and :iconealdeth: in less than month they will no longer be able to talk, why?

Because Microsoft in their 'infinfte' wisdom is going to force everyone to update to skype 7, and there in lies the problem many computers can't run skype 7 well, and no not eveyrone can afford to up date or replace there computers... and thats the basice problem here :iconealdeth: cant use skype 7, before someone says switch to discord, you need to know that :icondracowolf102: can't use that, so MS is about to force these 2 apart, I think the long term answer should be obvious :macos: or :tux:

In the mean time anyone who can help :icondracowolf102: with discord please do so


Thunder Claw
Artist | Digital Art
United States

This is America.
I am entitled to my beliefs, and you are equally entitled to yours.
I hate sin, not people.
If you want to keep your freedom of speech, don't try to take mine away.

my dragon name is Thunder Claw
I'm a Christian
I'm a dragon
I'm copper and cyan in color
I'm 7ft tall on 2 legs
I'm 4ft tall on all four's
I'm 12ft long from the tip of my snout to the tip of my tail
About 7ft of that length is in my tail
My wingspan from tip to tip is 16ft
I have tail fins like a night fury
I can shoot plasma like Toothless
I can also breathe a blue flame
I like cats, dragons(duh) , antique gas and steam engines,vintage and antique fans and appliances, old houses, my friends, gryphons, cheese, zoids, pokemon, Toothless, night furies, the other dragons form HTTYD and HTTYD, Narnia, Star Wars.
I dislike dragonslayers, terrorists, throwaway appliances and tools, Mc Mansions, gas that contains ethanol, gundams, digimon, people who hate dragons.

:iconealdeth: did my ID picture for me please fave on his account as well… if you fave it here

oh one more thing Do Not Ponyfy by Foedus

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----[]--- not embarrassed
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----[]--- you're a
----[]--- Christian
I Love Meteorology by KaizokuShojoSkywarn Storm Spotter Stamp by KaizokuShojo

Current Residence: Split level cave with a fly out basment ^.=.^
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Dragon sized
Favourite genre of music: Instramental
Favourite style of art: Dragon art
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: WinAmp
Shell of choice: howitzer
Skin of choice: Copper dragon scales
Favourite cartoon character: Toothless, LittleFoot
Personal Quote: I'm just going to rig it and hope it works


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